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Our unique village square, where the finest reflections of Tuscan values are on display in Istanbul, blended with the best of the Turkish way of life, the perfect place for conversations with friends, a place where new friendships are born…


What the soul seeks is neither coffee, nor the coffeehouse; the soul craves conversation, coffee is only an excuse. How perfectly the poet captured our longing for a friendly chat. That is why we chose to make the village square and coffeehouse culture a part of our lives at Tuscan Valley. The Village Bakery located inside the Village Coffeehouse, welcomes the day with the simple delight of a fresh morning simit, the rich, tempting aroma of fresh-baked börek pastry and even gourmet pizza.


The Village General Store is the perfect place to do your everyday shopping or to pick something up at the last minute. And maybe more than anything else it's the perfect place to share the fruits and garden-fresh vegetables you've raised with your neighbours. You will experience the joy of sharing an extra bunch of tomatoes you've raised.


One of the unique features of life at Tuscan Valley is the Village Library. Books are something we have always wanted to be one of the most important parts of our lives, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with our children.

The library that will be set up at the Village Coffeehouse and specially decorated with library-style decor will add another level of cultural richness to our lives, featuring books donated by Tuscan Valley residents. We will experience the joy of sharing the books that make us who we are with our neighbours.